The promptness of equipment supply affects the speed and efficiency of any company. "Industrial Investment Group Expert" formerly "Industrial Investment Group" has an extensive experience in cargo transportation and is prepared to offer high-quality services (truck haulage, carriage by sea, container transportation) on favorable terms.
Cooperating with our company, the Client can be sure in proper provision of such services as declaring and transportation (including international transportation) of goods. Our specialists will:

  • organize customs registration of the goods in accordance with legislation in force as soon as possible;
  • foresee all possible difficulties that might arise during transportation, supply and maintenance;
  • help to work out the most effective itinerary for transportation of the Client’s goods;
  • insure the transported goods and guarantee complete safety and timely delivery.


Adaptive price policy is used by Industrial Investment Group Expert to provide a client with the biggest savings possible. The price level depends on the Client’s professional interests and needs that are determined during the project designing and cooperation planning. Terms of payment are specified in the contract.


Organization and control of the company as a complex system is the main objective of industrial audit of Industrial Investment Group Expert. The inspection of this system by independent high-skilled specialists helps to organize business thoughtfully as a complex and multifunctional process.
This inspection includes financial and technical audit and provides means to specify and examine the following items:

  • Quality control and management system
  • Technical and technological solutions of the company
  • Manufacturing execution system
  • Equipment, buildings and constructions, machinery, systems and networks
  • Project and technological documents

Industrial audit procedure:

  • Organization
  • Documentation audit
  • Field audit
  • Improvement recommendations development
  • Planning of improvement measures
  • Audit report execution and approval
  • Final approval and transfer of the report to the Client

Industrial audit result is a well-grounded judgment on technical and technological solutions, systems compliance with the regulations, company production process control system, etc.


Industrial Investment Group Expert staff work continuously on optimization of sales, delivery, after-sale service and other services to reach maximum efficiency. Optimization is reached due to the following factors:

  • Quality-price ratio
  • Full range of services in one single place saves Client’s time and resources
  • Mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with business-partners, based on confidence and transparency
  • High-skilled staff ensures high quality service
  • Additional services – industrial audit

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